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Our false eyelashes online store makes it easy to find the perfect false eyelashes for your needs. You can browse our selection by type, color, and length. We also offer eyelashes in a variety of styles such as natural, wispy, and melodramatic. Plus, we have a vast range of prices to fit any budget.

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Upgrade your look with our exclusive collection of false eyelashes. Our lashes section includes a variety of styles and shapes to suit any look and occasion. Whether you’re exploring a subtle, natural-looking lash or something more dramatic and voluminous, we have the perfect false lash for you. From wispy and fluttery to bold and full-on, you can find the perfect false eyelashes to advance your look. With our collection, you’ll be sure to find the perfect lash for any event.


Connie Peña

Owner & founder of 1111 Beauty, Connie Pena is widely known for being an award-winning performer as the Jennifer Lopez tribute artist.  For 10 years, Connie formerly owned & operated "BellaMi Salon", an award-winning beauty salon located in Las Vegas.  Not only did she run a successful salon, but she was also a Makeup Artist & "Lead Hair & Makeup Coordinator" for the Latin Grammy's.  Her strong passion & extensive background in the beauty industry has now led her to sell high-quality mink lashes & a new Magic Eyeliner adhesive pen.  With a constant on the go lifestyle, she loves the ease of lash application with the waterproof eyeliner.  Connie's products work wonderfully for her lifestyle & now wants to share her amazing products with you!



Luxury 3-D mink lashes, & Waterproof Eyeliner Adhesive Pen, cruelty free, vegan handcrafted best quality lightweight lashes owned and designed by Connie Pena

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