Classic Long Lashes with a Spin

No matter what trends come and go, classic long eyelashes have refused to fade away. This time, though, their resurrection tells a fresh story, complete with intriguing surprises. Long lashes in crisscrossed designs, incredibly light and double-stacked, are the look of the season, taking the dramatic effect to new heights.

Strip Lashes

This one sticks out above all the others for anyone looking to push the boundaries with the greatest vegan eyelash trends. Although classic strip lashes are retained, these items have been innovatively created to carry enhanced edges all the way to the outside for the ultimate party vibe.

Celeb Choice Lashes

You've probably seen Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wearing cruelty-free magnetic lashes in their Instagram photos. So, why not grab a pair and join the bandwagon to win hearts all around the world?

This particular style of magnetic eyelashes is single-layered and packs a punch while still being charming and attractive. Takeoff is simple to do without having to remove many sets each time.

More, Heavy Lashes

This particular style is all about adding extra volume to your lashes, and it's primarily inspired by silver screen Hollywood. It needs a combination of four to five lashes to extend the length of the lashes by at least 1 mm. This substantially intensifies your lash line and eliminates the need for eyeliners. You also don't have to be concerned about any damage caused by your lashes growing longer. These magnetic eyelashes are far lighter than typical magnetic eyelashes, and they are perfectly safe to use.

So there you have it: the top vegan eyelash trends that aren't going anywhere anytime soon and give results that are far superior to traditional mascara. If you're looking for magnetic lashes or are inspired by any of the trends mentioned above, 11:11 Beauty Shop is the place to go.